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Burke, Virginia, originally owned by Lord Fairfax in the 1770’s is now a bustling residential and business community with an estimated population of 60,000. Burke offers a myriad of new home communities for sale by some of the nation�s most respected home builders. The countryside is very wooded with rolling topography, scenic views and attractive roadways nested in a park like setting. Here you will enjoy the conveniences of a small city with its wide variety of restaurants, libraries and excellent recreational amenities typical of the Fairfax County lifestyle including numerous parks, educational and entertainment facilities. Conveniently located near I-95 and the Capital Beltway, Burke offers two Virginia Railway express stations, Burke Center and Rolling Road providing quick access to Washington D. C. The Fairfax County Parkway also services the community providing quick access a multitude of transportation arteries. Burke, VA is beautiful and a very desirable Fairfax County location to build your new home.

Burke, Virginia Demographics
(Based on 2000 United States Census)
Distance to D.C. 20 miles
Population 60,000
Square miles (Town) NA
Median Income $94,000
Median Family Income $105,000
Median Age 38
Married Households 71%
Households w/Family 42%
High School Graduates 95%
College Graduates 33%
Graduate degrees 28%
Single family Homes 56%
Town Homes 38%
Condo/Multifamily 6%
Burke, Virginia Map
Burke, Virginia Map
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Burke, Virginia Home
Burke, Virginia Home
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Burke, Virginia Microdemographics
Census Summary
Census Detail
Burke, Virginia Taxes
$1.16 per $100 of assessed value
Comparative County Tax Rates
Burke, Virginia Schools
Fairfax County Public Schools
Virginia Dept. of Education
Burke, Virginia Newspapers
The Burke Connection
The Journal Newspaper Online
Times-Community Newspaper
Washington Business Journal
Burke, Virginia Links
Fairfax County Official Website
Braddock District
Mason District Profile
Burke Website
Greater Springfield Online
Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce


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