A Few Kind Words from Our Clients…

“We want to thank you for guiding us through the details in purchasing our new home. We’re very happy with the home. Every time we receive compliments from family and friends we mention of you… our super broker!! Here enclosed is a small token of our thanks. Please come and visit us sometime.”

John and Lordes

“We wanted to thank your operation for all you did to help our closing go so well. You are the best broker we have ever worked with and your dedication and professionalism were very much appreciated. The flowers you sent made our new house feel like a home. We hope we canwork with you in the future.”

Amy & Tim Hinchman

“Mike and I wanted to thank you again for all of your help in our new home purchase. Your honest opinions and observations were appreciated as well as all of your coordinating and scheduling. Your help made us feel more at ease ‘taking the plunge.’ We will recommend your services to anyone that wants to buy a newhome.

Beth Kelley

“ Lisa and I wanted to take a minute and Thank You for all of your help while purchasing our first new home. You helped alleviate much of the anxiety we were expecting with a new home purchase. We found your advice to be insightful as well as accurate in every phase of the process. Your knowledge of the builders was also exceptionally comprehensive. In all you treated the process as if it was your own money and helped us find the house we wanted in the price range we were comfortable with.”

Don and Lisa Hamilton

“Brian, thank you for your assistance at Virginia Station on Friday afternoon. I cannot express how delighted I am to get that contract signed! It is a wondrous relief to not have to go around to new home sites anymore. Your knowledge of the industry and ability to educate us really made the difference. Once I saw what Virginia Station was offering verses the other homebuilders, it was clear Virginia Station was a winner! Again, Archie and I thank you for all your help and rest assured, we will gladly recommend you individuals looking for a new home.”

Cheryl Dinkins Gatling

“I am especially grateful for the assistance that you provided to us during our long search and ultimate selection of a new home. Both Aloise and I wish to thank you for your tireless efforts and support. We have been busy getting settled, and may soon make measurable progress if I can take time out from business travel. My most recent trip to Anaheim, CA left little energy for unpacking. However, we are slowly getting there. We really adore the place and are convinced that our selection, house andneighborhood, was the correct choice.

Please accept our heartfelt thanks as a sincere expression of our appreciation. We were fortunate to have had an opportunity to work with you. Again, thanks for everything and we hope to have you stop over for dinner or drinks soon.”

Aloise, Violet and Brian

“Just a quick update on the ‘transfer tax saga’ –after a few calls I got to the right person in the ‘Transfer tax / Public advocate section’ — he agreed Iwas overcharged and sent me a claim form for a refund — Thanks to you for spotting this inaccuracy at settlement –I received the $500 refund today — Once again, THANKS…. Hope you enjoy the coming holidays “

George Hamosion

“Brian, just a note to let you know that I finally did receive the check from Doug and Portner’s last week. It was ironically sent to my apartment address in Virginia even after you sent him my new address here. I really appreciated all your help and support through out this process. Moving from one state to another and adjusting to a new position is difficult enough without having to deal with a somewhat difficult builder.

You should know that I have been looking for about a month for a house here in Pennsylvania and am finding out that it will probably be as difficult as my process last year in Virginia. The inventory this time of the year seems very low. I guess folk are more concerned about digging out of thecold weather and snow than they are selling their homes…(smile).

I will keep you informed of my adventures. I hope that the New Year brings you success and good for you!”

Jacob S. Roberts Jr.

“Hi Brian! Just a small note to say yes I am enjoying my new home. It has been a while but I am finally getting the chance to say thank you for all your time and help. You were my last resort. Take care and maybe I can do business again with you again.”



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