New versus Resale Homes

Builders’ Realty Council receives numerous phone calls from homebuyers undecided between making an investment in a new home or a resale property. Below is a comparison between new and used home investments. Since BRC works with new homebuyers and home builders, we exclusively promote new home sales. The following comparative is a fair assessment of the likely advantages of owning a new home versus buying a resale.


Choice of Builder and Construction Materials


Builder and Construction Materials may be Unknown


10 Year Structural Warranty


Warranty Usually Expired


Builder Warranty


Defects Often go Undetected


Streamlined Mortgage Financing


Shop Around for Mortgage


High Insulation Standards


Dated Insulation and Higher Utility Costs


On-Site Service Department


A Handyman Special?


Choice of Lot, Location, Financing, Floor Plan, and Exterior Design


Home is sold “as-is”


Fully Equipped Modern Kitchen


Outdated Appliances


Choice of Interior Options and Color Selections


No Choice of Interior Options and Color Selections


Latest Architectural Designs


Dated Floor Plans


New Home Owners Decorate According to Taste


Must Accept Decor “as-is”


Invest in Home with Accelerated Appreciation Potential


Pay Market Price for “already-appreciated” Property


More Likelihood for Recreational Amenities


Less Likelihood for Recreational Amenities


Less Cash Necessary to Purchase in Most Cases


Prices can be Inflated


Builder May be Willing to Accept Contingent Contracts


Seller Unlikely to wait for you to Sell your Existing Home


Buyer’s Protective Covenants


Protective Covenants may not be Available


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