Washington, DC Weather

(Maryland and Virginia)

Washington’s weather can be erratic from day to day, but overall it is comfortable and temperate. In the summer, from mid-July to late August the humidity is high and many Washingtonians drive 3 hours each way on weekends to Ocean City, Maryland and Rehoboth Beach, Delaware to enjoy the Atlantic Ocean. In the winter, the climate is generally mild with an occasional snow squall. The area’s transient population is not well adapted to slippery road conditions presenting driving challenges. In the spring and fall the weather is delightful with many popular attractions such as the famed Cherry Blossom Festival in April, and scenic drives along the Shenandoah Mountain’s Skyline Drive in October to observe the beauty of turning leaves.

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       Annual Normals:       
Max Temp       66.9
Min Temp       49.2
Precipt.       38.6
    Average Temp       59.0   


Max Temp: 42.3°F
Min Temp: 26.8°F
Avg Temp: 34.6°F
Precipitation: 2.72”


Max Temp: 45.9°F
Min Temp: 29.1°F
Avg Temp: 37.5°F
Precipitation: 2.71”


Max Temp: 56.5°F
Min Temp: 37.7°F
Avg Temp: 47.2°F
Precipitation: 3.17”


Max Temp: 66.7°F
Min Temp: 46.4°F
Avg Temp: 56.5°F
Precipitation: 2.71”


Max Temp: 76.2°F
Min Temp: 56.6°F
Avg temp: 66.4°F
Precipitation: 3.66”


Max Temp: 84.7°F
Min Temp: 66.5°F
Avg Temp: 75.6°F
Precipitation: 3.38″


Max Temp: 88.5°F
Min Temp: 71.4°F
Avg Temp: 80.0°F
Precipitation: 3.80”


Max Temp: 86.9°F
Min Temp: 70.0°F
Avg Temp: 78.5°F
Precipitation: 3.91”


Max Temp: 80.1°F
Min Temp: 62.5°F
Avg Temp: 71.3°F
Precipitation: 3.31”


Max Temp: 69.1°F
Min Temp: 50.3°F
Avg Temp: 59.7°F
Precipitation: 3.02”


Max Temp: 58.3°F
Min Temp: 41.1°F
Avg Temp: 49.8°F
Precipitation 3.12”


Max Temp: 47.0°F
Min Temp: 31.7°F
Avg Temp: 39.4°F
Precipitation: 3.12”


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