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Middleburg, Virginia located 26 miles from Washington D.C. on Route 50 in western Loudoun County is known as an affluent equestrian town. Fox-hunting and steeple chasing are favorite pastimes among long time local residents. Middleburg earned its name from the town’s position between Alexandria and Winchester, Virginia, i.e., "Middle Burg". The scenic countryside is breathtaking, perhaps Virginia’s finest. The town is very charming with its mix of shops, exclusive antique dealers, art galleries, 12 restaurants and three Bed and Breakfasts. Tourists flock to Middleburg each year to partake in equestrian events and enjoy the area’s 19 century atmosphere. Some find Middleburg elusive and obscure, almost a remote mysterious haven for the well to do, sometimes considered "cliqueish". Driving the back roads you may find many multi-million dollar equestrian estates quietly nested between the hills and trees of its rolling landscape almost as though its residents are hiding from the hustle and bustle of the real world.

Middleburg has a few interesting statistics that deviate from regional population norms. For example, the ratio of men to women is 42% to 58%, respectively. The median age is older at 44 and 40% of the residents do not have mortgages on their homes. The demographics are skewed in this region and we encourage a review of Middleburg's micro-demographics.

Homes are generally custom built on owned land. At this time, there are no new communities being developed . However, several miles to the east in Gilbert’s Corner there are a few single family home developments currently for sale.

Middleburg, Virginia Demographics
(Based on 2000 United States Census)
Distance to D.C. 26 miles
Population 700
Square miles (Town) .55
Median Income $45,000
Median Family Income $65,000
Median Age 45
Married Households 54%
Households w/Family 24%
High School Graduates 76%
College Graduates 20%
Graduate degrees 10%
Single Family Homes 66%
Town Homes 17%
Condo/Multifamily 17%
Middleburg, Virginia Map
Middleburg, Virginia Map
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Middleburg New Homes
Middleburg New Homes
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Middleburg, Virginia Microdemographics
Census Summary
Census Detail
Middleburg, Virginia Taxes
$1.18 per $100 of assessed value
Comparative County Tax Rates
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