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Commencement of your new home search can be an overwhelming and daunting task. With the approximate 400 homebuilders in the Washington metropolitan area and the hundreds of communities that could possibly match your housing needs, it is probably a good idea to get some expert help.

Once you learn the market, the builders, products and locations, the chore becomes much easier, particularly if you are assisted by a knowledgeable, unbiased consumer oriented new home professional. In sum, not all real estate people are created equal, anymore than are doctors, lawyers, dentists, electricians or any other employment discipline. We know new homes and homebuilders well. We are proud of our market niche and the 20 years we spent learning it. Your association can save you a lot of time and aggravation ultimately saving you thousands.

Commonly, new home shoppers make an assumption that price should be the focal parameter of their investment. This is a myth. In fact, locating and negotiating value is the benchmark of savvy property investment analysis. Consider not only the initial investment and the daily costs of ownership, focus intently on appreciation potential and quality of life. These variables are intertwined with supply and demand, location, cost per square foot, standard features, options, floor plans, lots, community, construction materials and financing alternatives. Do not underestimate the most important aspect of your investment … your home is the place that defines and creates your lifestyle.

What BRC Can Do For You

Speaking with you and meeting you in person is where we should begin. The sheer magnitude of new home information in this marketplace can be over-whelming. We will share our knowledge and give you a perspective on how to make the home building process cost effective, efficient and rewarding.

BRC will:

  • Define your needs by budget, lifestyle and location assisting you in identifying your new home dream.
  • Advise mortgage alternatives and match you with a program that meets or exceeds your financial goals.
  • Determine a prudent monthly investment plan and evaluate your new homebuilding alternatives.
  • Focus on the appropriate new home location then review matching communities and builders.
  • Choose the best compliment of location, community and builder to maximize investment and quality of life.
  • Analyze the community, specific home sites, a particular builder’s offerings and floor plans.
  • Offer cost/square foot analysis inclusive of standard features, options, construction materials, etc.
  • Share previous experiences we may have had with your builder for proper expectation management.
  • Negotiate your best new home value. Get the facts, quantify, qualify and quickly assimilate.
  • Assist with helping you interface between the builder and lender throughout the building process.
  • Defend your interests if a disagreement occurs between you, your builder or loan officer.
  • Inspect your home with you personally during the builder’s “walk-through” inspection and support concerns.
  • Request the builder make the appropriate repairs to your home prior to settlement,
  • Attend settlement with you to evaluate the numerical accuracies of your HUD-1 settlement statement, address inaccuracies, errors and omissions.
  • 1% Cash Back* in cooperation with JD Power and Associates award winning First Horizon Home Loans
  • Present additional cost saving special offers for qualified BRC clients.
Get the facts before you invest!

These are just a few benefits of working with the Washington Metropolitan Builders’ Realty Council. There is no fee or charge to you for the service because we are compensated by Virginia and Maryland homebuilding corporations for matchmaking. Contact BRC today and let us help make your new homebuilding experience a well planned, cost effective and rewarding experience.

Save Thousands!


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