Learning How to $ave Thousands is just one of the many BRC benefits. A new home makes a personal statement and is a reflection on your quality of life and sense of community. Our state licensed representative will concentrate on matching you with the proper builder, neighborhood and mortgage professional.


Home builders have specific policies regarding buyer-representation for New Home purchasers. BRC recognizes and honors individual builder cooperative programs.

To qualify for new homebuyer representation and offerings, a BRC representative must be with you on your First visit to each new home community and be the “procuring cause of sale.”

New homes are priced the same if you buy alone or invest with the advice of a real estate professional. In fact, by taking advantage of BRC’s 1% Cash Back and Special Offers, the cost can be less. Committed to customer service excellence, Washington Metro Builders’ Realty Council will be with you before, during and after the sale.

Go Back to Special Offers and check the box to register for BRC’s 1% Cash Back Offer.

*1% Cash Back credit was available with First Horizon Home Loan financing and BRC buyer representation together, however it was discontinued at time of First Horizon’s takeover. Special Offers paid for by Builders’ Realty Council and subject to eligibility.


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