Maytag Special Offer

Make an appointment to purchase your new home within 14 days of your First contact with BRC and Win a Maytag Washer and Dryer!*Maytag washers and dryers are legendary for their dependability and consumer appliance excellence. To qualify, a BRC representative must be with you on your First visit to the new home community, be present at time of contract, have recommended your chosen builder and be designated “procuring cause of sale.” Promotion paid for by BRC and includes delivery charges. Home must go to settlement with the same builder to qualify.

Ol’ lonely, had his 35th anniversary in 2002 marking the symbol of Maytag’s legendary dependability, a true symbol of American manufacturing excellence.


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*To qualify, you must purchase a new home within 14 days of first contact with a BRC representative. F first contact is determined by the date of your first time registering on the BRC website, or e-mail/phone contact with a licensed BRC account representative. Offer is exclusive and not available in addition to 1% Cash Back option. Special Offers paid for by Builders’ Realty Council and subject to eligibility.


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