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New Homes in Purcellville Virginia (VA)

Purcellville VA New Homes, Townhomes, Condos for Sale

Purcellville, Virginia is located in Western Loudoun County 42 miles from Washington D.C. only 15 miles from Dulles International Airport. The town was founded in the late 1700s and named in 1853 after its first businessman, Valentine Purcell. Incorporated in 1908, Purcellville was an agriculturally based economy serviced by the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad.

Today, Purcellville is quickly expanding with the widening of Route 7 and the extension of the Dulles Greenway. The beauty of the area's semi-rural Blue Ridge Mountain countryside and the charming Victorian small town has not been compromised. Since the region is more remote, numerous recreational amenities, shopping and dining facilities are not readily convenient. However, challenges presented by the rapid growth are of great concern to long time residents and county officials. Loudoun's 2001 comprehensive plan to limit future development by 44 percent will help preserve the area's pastoral scenery and historical roots.

Purcellville's growing population of affluent commuters working in the burgeoning economies of eastern Loudoun and Fairfax county is stimulating luxury new home construction. Families interested in a wide selection of private 2 to 4 acre estate homes at more affordable prices than offered in Fairfax, Ashburn and Leesburg find Purcellville a refreshing alternative. Currently, Purcellville has one Toll Brothers townhouse community under construction priced from the $200s. Several luxury single family communities are priced from the $300s to one million, including Cheswick, built by one of the area's premier builders, Schulz Homes. New homebuyers interested in Purcellville usually research communities and builders in nearby Hamilton as prices, demographics and building opportunities are similar.

Purcellville, Virginia Demographics
(Based on 2000 United States Census)
Distance to D.C. 42 miles
Population 4,000
Square miles (Town) 2
Median Income $65,000
Median Family Income $75,000
Median Age 36
Married Households 62%
Households w/Family 37%
High School Graduates 88%
College Graduates 26%
Graduate degrees 14%
Single Family Homes 44%
Town Homes 26%
Condo/Multifamily 9%

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Purcellville, Virginia Microdemographics
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Purcellville, Virginia Taxes
$1.32 per $100 of assessed value
Comparative County Tax Rates
Purcellville, Virginia Schools
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